Monthly Archives: June 2007

A (Very) Simple Oil Field

Assume and are the amount of oil in the ground and the production rate respectively. We model the behaviour of the oil field with a system of linear ordinary differential equations (ODEs). In clear text, this means that the amount of oil in the ground decreases by the amount produced, and the production capacity increases… Continue reading »

Social Networking With a Purpose

Today, I stumbled upon the page, which is a social networking site with slightly better terms of usage than But the real reason I got interested in this site is that it facilitates easy borrowing of items between friends and neighbors. In order to protect the planet, it is essential to optimize the… Continue reading »

Why I Left Facebook

An extra entry for you today, since Facebook decided to respond so viciously to my note there. In the note, I complained about how imbalanced its terms of use are. You’re likely to be a Facebook user, but you’re not likely to be a Facebook terms of use reader, so let me enlighten you a… Continue reading »