Social Networking With a Purpose

By   June 16, 2007

Today, I stumbled upon the page, which is a social networking site with slightly better terms of usage than But the real reason I got interested in this site is that it facilitates easy borrowing of items between friends and neighbors.
In order to protect the planet, it is essential to optimize the use of its limited resources. If you’re like me, you probably have a whole lot of books, games, computer accessories, tools and equipment just hanging around being used infrequently at most. But your friend or neighbor might be in need of that component. Most people never ask their neighbor if they happen to have an old LPR cable stuffed away somewhere. And it would be very ineffective to brute-force search for the part by asking all your friends, compared to instantly finding that one right friend who has the item listed in his inventory on
As of today, the site is in its alpha stage, which means there are obvious bugs and flaws. There are only a handful of users yet. I still encourage you to take a look at it and join, to show your support to the developers. If the user base can reach a ‘critical mass’, then it could turn out to be an incredibly useful online community.
PS. Join the private group ‘Geirs Venner’ if you feel eligible. The password is geb, as it should be.