Optimize Your Trips

By   August 26, 2007

A while ago, I made OptiMap, a Google Maps mashup that will take a number of locations and give you the best way to visit all of them. By best, I mean fastest. Since then, I have been exposed to various ideas on applications for this tool. One is in the real-estate business, where prospective home buyers want to visit a number of houses for sale.

To make things easier for anyone interested in applying this tool, there is now a way for your website to make search requests automatically. This is done by sending a http GET request to http://gebweb.net/optimap/index.php?loc0=start&loc1=dest1&loc2=dest2. Here, start should be replaced by the address or (latitude, longitude) pair where your trip starts and ends, and dest1 and dest2 each should be replaced by either an address or a (latitude, longitude) pair you want to visit.

Up to 100 locations can be specified in the variables loc0, loc1, …, loc99. You can also add labels to each location by using label0, label1, etc. Remember to http-encode any whitespace etc. in your address strings. This is done automatically if you use the html form element to store your data. Example:

<form NAME="roundtrip" METHOD="get" ACTION="http://gebweb.net/optimap/index.php">
<input NAME="loc0" TYPE="text" />
<input NAME="loc1" TYPE="text" />
<input NAME="loc2" TYPE="text" />
<input NAME="loc3" TYPE="text" />
<input TYPE="submit" VALUE="Submit" />

In some applications, you will not want the user to be typing in addresses himself, so the html form hidden input element may be more suitable than the text input element. The value of such an element can be set with php when the page is created. It can also be changed with JavaScript, with the following code (assuming the form is called “roundtrip”):

document.roundtrip.elements["loc0"].value = "2 Bloor St West, Canada";
document.roundtrip.elements["loc1"].value = "(37.4419,-122.1419)";

If you have any comments, bugs or feature requests, please leave a comment on this site 🙂

167 Comments on “Optimize Your Trips


    hi, can i contact you via email, i am looking for upto 60 points for an optimised route ?

  2. Keith Soldner

    Great tool. Very cool! Works great when I use it from gebweb.net. I was trying to call it from another web page using your sample code


    When I input four locations and push submit they are properly displayed on the map but there is no route calculated. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Russell

    Hi, I really like your page — it’s a great tool. I just have two requests/suggestions:
    -Be able to change the default view to a zip code or city
    -Some sort of print option so that the map is still displayed. As it is, printing will only print the directions, not the map.
    Thanks! Russell

  4. korn

    very nice tool, i am only missing the navigation export 🙂

  5. Rob

    Once a route is mapped you are forced to click the ‘Start Over’ button. What if I want to add more locations or remove locations to and from my list? I have to start over again. It would be nice to have a ‘Map Route’ button NEXT to the ‘Start Over’ button instead of having the ‘Start Over’ button replace the ‘Map Route’ button.

    Also, it would be great if I could arbitrarily decide which node is the starting node

    Being able to decide which node is the starting node at any point would be helpful.

    Other than that I have only minor suggestions because this is VERY helpful. I actually use it to map deliveries.


  6. Mark Szlazak

    A very good tool! Could it be extended to work with different beginning and end locations for a journey? Here are a couple situations where this could be useful.

    1. Say I go to the office and pick up destinations I have to visit that day but after my last stop, instead of going back to the office, I go home.

    2. Another case is where I initially have the same beginning and end locations for a journey but after making some initial stops, some later stops become canceled. It would be nice if you could then re-compute a new route from my current stop location to the end location that takes into account the changes that result from stop cancellations.


  7. Mark Szlazak

    I case anyone is interested, the non-roundtrip version of the traveling salesman problem, which has different “start” and “end” stops and involves finding the shortest path through a series of stops in between with only one visit per stop is called the “Hamiltoniam Path Problem.”

  8. Geir

    Russell was asking about printing. I now got it working fairly well. To print, use your browser’s print function (CTRL-P) as you normally would. I recommend using the Opera web browser for optimal results, but Safari works well too. Firefox cannot draw the line that represents the path in the map. As far as I know, no one has gotten that to work for FireFox yet (short of Google, who use a server to generate an image of the map when you click print).

    I don’t have Internet Explorer, so please let me know how it works there.

  9. Jeff Torborg

    Dear Geir,

    I am very interested in your optimap technology. Do you provide program consulting services? I am interested in creating a social network using Google Maps and I need help with the development. Please let me know. My email address is (deleted)

    Best Regards,
    Jeff Torborg

  10. maxwellk

    When using the GET request via URL or a form with Safari (v5523.15) it seems to be randomly choosing the start node, and setting loc0 to a random node. Firefox does not seem to have the same problem.

    Great tool, thanks.

  11. lurlene

    Fantastic! However, on my map, the purple/blue route line is shifted several inches over. Do you know why? Thanks!

  12. Eric

    I just have to say, it’s awesome when you come across exactly what you’re looking for and it turns out someone built it just because they’re intelligent and found it interesting. Many thanks for this!

  13. jon

    Great tool, is it possible to get it to calculate the shortest rather than the fastest

  14. Björn

    I try to use your fantastic library on our website and have two little problems.
    1. When I add a new location only the shadow of the marker is displayed.
    2. Inernet Explorer says “GMap2 is undefined”.
    Everything else is working. Thanks a lot, for that great work.

  15. John Occhi


    I just published a review of your tool on my new blog that focuses on the REO agent community. You can find it here: http://reopro.ning.com/profiles/blog/show?id=2122473%3ABlogPost%3A1538

    Of course I have given you credit and back links to both the tool and your parent company.

    MY question, which I raise in the blog is saving the image. Is there any way to save the image with the pins. Would it be possible to add the address to the pin?

    As an REO AGent, we need to provide reports to the lenders who own the properties and they like to see where the comps are and this would be awesome.

    Perhaps you can leave your comments on my blog, this way I know I’ll see it when you answer.

    Thanks for a great tool. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help promote the tool.


  16. geir Post author

    A few of you have asked for different starting and ending positions. This is now implemented, with the “A-Z” route option.

  17. Barry

    hello, I was wondering if you were able to get this file directions-export.js and send it to me.

  18. Barry

    never mind about the file, how does TomTom work, is it free. That’s what you use to get the computed data, it gives the directions? is it free to use TomTom?

  19. Matthew

    It seems that the route always goes in the order I place the points on the map and not the optimal route. Am I doing something wrong?

    To test my theory, I clicked on the East coast of the US, then California, then the middle of the US.

    Surely the optimal route would go from East Coast, to the middle to California, but your porgram goes East Coast then California then the middle of the US.

    Cool interface and idea, let me know if I did something wrong.

  20. Arun

    Hello Gier,
    This is Arun from India. We have a similar requirement to be done for India. Will this work for India also? Please help me out in this.

  21. Steve

    Great tool. Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    Is there a way to get the optimized route downloaded to a Garmin GPS? Mapquest allows a download to Garmin Communicator, but Google does not.

    would love to be able to send a list of addresses to your Tool, have the route optimized then load the right order to see the properties into a garmin gps.

    Thanks for a great job!


  22. Geir

    There’s currently no way I know of to download the route to a GPS device. You can click the “Toggle raw path output” after you’ve computed a route in Optimap, and enter those lat, lng coordinates on your device. That’s the best I know of right now…

  23. Jan Boersma

    Hi Geir,

    I really love the idea of OptiMap and I would like to implement its possibilities into my Tyre application.

    Tyre is a tool for creating and editing itineraries and POI files for use in TomTom devices.
    Several people have asked me to provide a new Tyre feature like OptiMap.

    Would you please contact me to discuss this issue?

    Kind regards,

  24. Brady

    Hi Geir (and others),

    We found OptiMap to be a perfect fit for promoting “chaining trips” to save on gas and reduce emissions while running errands in your car. Here’s how we changed the interface for our site:


    I’m wondering if there is some way we could add “avoid highways” from the Google API to the tsp.js to allow for people making trips by bicycle?

    Thanks very much for the excellent web application!


  25. Geir

    I’ve just added options for walking directions and avoid highways to
    OptiMap. The Google Maps API team added walking directions support
    last week, so this should be one of the first API sites that use them!
    It’s one of the more requested features for Optimap, so I know there
    are some happy OptiMappers out there now 🙂 I’m certainly one of
    them, since I don’t have a car and do virtually all my travel on foot
    / bike. Now when can we get biking directions in the Google Maps API?

  26. Béla Boda


    I’m trying to use the js api, but the following method fails as described:

    Input of the page is generated by a J2EE Servlet:

    4029 Debrecen Malomköz utca 4


  27. Mary in New Hampshire

    Thank you for publishing this wonderful tool. I do have a quick question, maybe I’m missing something so I thought I would ask. My business requires me to decide on jobs all over the state that are completed in one or two days. Before we accept the jobs we map it out to see if it’s too far within our route. So I usually put up to 15-20 addresses, then I look at the map and wonder if the route would be considerably better if I drop one of the locations that doesn’t flow in our route very well. Anyway the tool requires me to re-type all the addresses again without the one I’m trying to drop, and it takes a really long time, especially as I’m playing around with the routes. Is there a way to save the addresses? Or even to just save them for the the current search. Sometimes it will also pull the wrong address (ie I got an address in Ohio) which of course was not in my route for New Hampshire, and I didn’t know it had that error until I had already mapped it out. So is there a way to save addresses or delete ones that are on a list?

    Thanks again, either way this is a huge help and I appreciate the use of the program.


  28. Pierre

    Superb tool!

    We’d like to use itl to provide a way to visualize and optimize round trips for nurses who visit patient at home. Your tool works perfectly.

    We plan to build the URL using visits planned in our system and patient addresses. To provide a very usefull tool, we’d like to personalize the icons on the map by adding the patient name by example. As result icon of the address will be named “1 John” instead of “1”

    Do you think it is possible ?


  29. Geir

    Mary: I just added functionality that allows you to add a list of addresses in the ‘Bulk add’ text area. I suggest you save your addresses to a text file, one address on each line, and copy-paste it into the ‘Bulk add’ field in OptiMap. You can then experiment with removing each address from the text area.

    Pierre: The icons are png graphics files, and are not easily changed. It’s possible to use the standard google text blobs, but they are rather big and clumsy. If you can find some webpage that has Google maps icons that look the way you’d want them to look, you can forward the page to me and I’ll see what I can do.

  30. Pierre

    Hi Gear,

    Thank you for your answer. I will try to find some example of icons.

    I have now a new problem. When I try to use an http call (By example : http://gebweb.net/optimap/index.php?loc0=av de la gare 10,Sion,Suisse&loc2=rue du scex 32,sion,suisse&loc3=place du midi 28,sion,suisse) I get an error in IE7, locations icons are not present on the map and the trip is not calculated.
    IE7 tell me Line: 31, Char: 2, Error: Object expected.

    What is wrong in the URL I use?

    Many thanks,

    1. John Ferris

      This is superb software. Thank you for your generous contribution.

  31. Chiung

    Please consider writing an App for the Apple iPhone based on your Trip Optimizer, and incorporating the iPhone’s built-in GPS functionality. You could make a lot of money!

  32. Christopher

    Hello Geir,

    first I want to tell you, that I’m very impressed of you. It’s not only the “antsColony”-Function that caused a loud, headshaking “wow!”, moreover its your candid interest in some of the really BIG problems, our modern civilisation is facing. It is a pleasure to know that there are people like you out there!
    I have been studying spatial science/regional development so I developed a sense for the spatial difficulties declining oil supplies will impose on a ‘petrosociety’. Unfortunately, my professor rejected my 2002 initial proposal for my degree dissertation, wherein I wanted to check the basic assumptions of the various Austrian spatial-development-plans and programs in regard to their consideration of possible future energy shortfall. Instead he gave me some topic, where I’m supposed to praise the opening of a highway (in the south of Vienna, Austria) and the resulting commercial advantages. Since it seems i’m incapable of doing so, I’ve not finished my academic studies yet. And I dont think, that I will do this with this crappy topic. (Thx for your patience with the description of my messy life)

    Now there just opened an oportunity to get my academic reputation back. It is about solving a TSP, extended with the “Sequencial Ordering Problem – SOP” and the “Capacitated vehicle routing problem – CVRP”.
    Now the actual question:
    Would you perhaps help me with certain tips?

    Best greetings from Vienna, Austria


    PS: excuse my lousy english

  33. Simon

    I have had exactly the same problem as described by the second poster (shown below) when I use http://gebweb.net/optimap/ from IE 7.

    When I select a series of locations by left clicking on the map, and click the button to create the route, *sometimes* it works and the route and map are displayed.

    However, sometimes it doesn’t and the selected destinations are wiped from the map (as though I had clicked “Start Over Again” button) and no route or journey details are displayed and Optimap appears to have reverted to “start up” mode, awaiting new points to be selected.

    However, when I click the map, the marker added has the next number in the original route sequence and does not reset to one – so Optimap is “remembering” the route I entered even though none of the points are now displayed and no route is generated.

    I have tried this with IE 6 & 7 and the problem persists regardless of the number of points I enter. I have not tried to generate a route with more than 9 locations.

    Can anyone offer suggestions as to why this problem is happening and why it is intermittent and, more importantly, what can I do about it?

    This great application is exactly what we have been looking for to solve our problems in speical needs transport but this problem makes it a bit irritatiting to use.

    Keith Soldner Says:

    October 28th, 2007 at 01:02

    When I input four locations and push submit they are properly displayed on the map but there is no route calculated. What am I doing wrong?

  34. Jon

    GREAT tool! I LOVE IT. I spent 10 + min searching for something just like it. Hope google adds it or it can add a directions function. THANK YOU

  35. Jon

    Cross out that “directions function” – page hadn’t loaded fully. Thanks again

  36. Jay

    I was wondering if it was possible to export the route as a KML file. I would love to use this for Geocaching trips and one of the ways we can find geocaches on a route is to upload a KML of the route to geocaching.com. This is perfect for finding the optimal route; now I just need it in a KML file. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  37. Johannes

    Hi, sorry my english is not so good. I also use this very nice tool. Now i’m searching for a program/tool to put the roundtrip data (toggle raw path output: 48.462238, 7.942672) to a navigation system like garmin or tomtom. Could someone help me?! Thank You!

  38. charlena

    I would like to send the route information to my TOM TOM GPS. I understand that Google Maps has a Send to GPS feature but cannot access it for each of my addresses in http://gebweb.net/optimap/.

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

  39. Michael Constantine

    Can you explain to me why the number of stops is limited to 24? I have an application that calls for routes of 60 or so stops. How can i optimize this type of route?

  40. Jim

    Great tool, Are you planning on making another version (perhaps a paid version) that will allow up to 200 stops?

  41. Michel

    Well done, this is just the type of tool that I had worked on at University but never was really good enough at Javascript to pull it off. I was wondering how difficult would it be to send the directions using var gdir and var addressMarker. In google maps the advanced directions http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/examples/directions-advanced.html are listed numerically and can be clicked in a series that display infowindows with a zoomed version of each location on the route.
    Keep up the great work

  42. Antonio

    Jim, I’m setting up a commercial service for 200+ nodes. Please contact me at info@viamente.com to discuss your application scenario.

    Rather than using the smart algorithm developed by Geir, though, we use a proprietary implementation of lin-kernighan which best fits our reference applications and that also includes a variant for pickup&delivery apps.

    Geir, thanks again not only for the great code but also for your discussion forum.

  43. Geir

    For applications where you need more than 24 locations, you are probably much better off with commercial tools such as mentioned above. Google Maps has a limit on the number of directions requests I can send each day. To solve the tsp problem, you need to know the distance between each pair of nodes, so for 200 nodes, you need to query Google’s servers 200*200 = 40000 times. Needless to say, this is not feasible to do for free.

    The ant colony heuristic could probably be tuned to solve such big problems, but it needs the input, which is infeasible to get. I am also not sure about the quality of the solutions in this case, since the solutions space is bigger, and the ant colony algorithm would not be able to run as many times.

  44. Chris

    When enter a zip or address and click on Add, it does not add the pin to the map. This was working before.

  45. vidhi

    i want to add lat & long values and then want u calculate fastest round trip.
    Can u help me out how would i do this in tsp solver?

  46. Archi

    Hello Geir,

    Thanks for this great tool!

    Is it possible to integrate it on my website? i mean completely, no more request to your server?


  47. Tatarize

    How about processing for an .kml file. They are just XML and a standard save output for Google Earth. It’s easy to maintain a list of places, pin and unpin them, and save an output file. This would add some pretty killer convenience to the app.

  48. Abhishek

    Can you please share the BpTspSolver.js , directions-export.js files too. I would like to go through these two files.
    Please help me. Thanking yo in advance

  49. Hans


    great tool.
    I have a feature request: I want to specify all options (Walking, Avoid highways, Roundtrip or A-Z Trip) via the API, i.e. by typing into the address line of the web browser.

    Greetings, Hans

  50. Geir

    Hi Hans,

    I added the following parameters to the API:
    walk – if 0, will use driving directions, if 1, will use walking directions.
    avoid – if 0, will include highways, if 1, will avoid highways
    mode – if 0, will compute roundtrip, if 1, will compute A-Z trip

    E.g http://gebweb.net/optimap/index.php?loc0=start&loc1=dest1&avoid=1&mode=1 will compute the trip without highways in A-Z mode. Hope this helps, and let me know if anything isn’t working.


  51. Hans

    Hello Geir,

    Great, many thanks!
    It would be helpful, if the checkboxes “Walking” and “Avoid highways” are set due to API parameters. Because otherwise it is possible to send e.g. Walking over the API, the correct result is shown in the picture, but the checkbox Walking is unchecked and this is confusing.

    Greetings, Hans

  52. ajs

    Hi Geir,

    Great tool !!
    Would it be possible to pass a parameter of a vehicles current gps position to be added to the route display?

  53. Martin Glueckmann

    This tool is fantastic and just what our Sales-Reps need.
    I will try to combine this with our CRM system in a way that the sales-reps will select a bunch of customers to visit and will use an export script to translate the selected addresses into a HTML line to call your page.

    As we have a huge number of sales reps and we do not want to overflood your webserver, do you think we can implement the coding on our own intranet pages? Can you give me some feedback by eMail if that is possible and how to set this up properly? Especially I would need to know where to get all the files and scripts.

    Again, many thanks for that great solution!
    Martin Glueckmann

  54. Roque

    Very nice tool. I would like to suggest a webservice release, where a simple Http GET Request would produce results in XML format only, without maps of any kind. It would be great to integrate to existent applications. You could even charge a bit via Paypal for a certain number of requests to face server proccessing expenses. I would be the first one to use a webservice like that. Regards.

  55. Roberto

    Wonderful tool! Exactly what I need!
    Two questions, :
    1. When submitting request via GET, I randomly get the error message “Failed to geocode”, when I click “OK” it maps the route with some of the locations but usually missing at least 1. I am submitting all loc(x) values as geocodes.

    2. It would be great if for each location one could submit a name(x) that is used to label the geocode/address heading in the step by step directions.

    Again, wonderful tool and THANKS SO MUCH!

  56. Gregoire

    Very nice tool !

    I’m going to use it for a city roud trip competition (rallye) in France using a 3G+ connexion.

    Is there a way to get a full screen map without coding a new web page ?


  57. Hoowe

    Great app! But how do I use it internal on my company? I will just generate a few routes every work day.

  58. Yona

    I would also like to webservice release, where a simple Http GET Request would produce results in XML format only -as roque

    and also a way to split the stops to more then one car.


  59. Pikou

    Hello Geir,

    Thank oyu very much for a a great tool 🙂

    Is it possible to integrate it on my website? i mean completely, no more request to your server?


  60. Roger

    How do I send a route to my TomTom? The folks at Tom Tom gave me the link here but do not know how! Thanks, Roger

  61. David

    I would also like to split a set of destinations among multiple vehicles. In addition, what about adding a pickup time to each location and routing based on estimated travel times?

  62. Simon

    Really great job… but how can I do if I don’t care about the Z waypoint ? I need to travel as fast as possible thru all the point starting from the A point….

  63. Lee Fox


    Is it possible to license you code for a user of mine? I would prefer to have it hosted on my server because of the integration requirements. I need to pull points from a database and have your code plan the best round trip route. Thanks, Lee

  64. Erik Runia


    Under your common license, can I slightly re-write this code such that it works on my own server with my own map, instead of calling your GET url and having it return your page?

    If so, I would be using my own google maps api KEY, but I know the currently limits on geolocating are like 15,000 a day. How do you get around this limit? Does your site not receive that many addresses a day or do you have a special deal with google? I’m just curious as I will face the same issue myself if I rewrite to work within my site.

    Thank you for providing such brilliant code, I look forward to talking with you.


  65. Craig


    1.) How does one reference you in papers – I don’t see your name or development date for this system?
    2.) Prior to your system, what other systems could solve the travelling salesman problem (was it confined to high-end GIS software?)

  66. max

    I can not figure out how to input multiple addresses and get the fast most efficient route. Also at the same time need map and written directions from starting point to the closest to the next closest etc.

  67. max

    Can not figure out how to put in multiple address in radom order and get the most effecient route. Also need at the same time a map and written directions from point A to B to C etc.

  68. Christian

    Can you assist me in adding a list of locations that can be added? I am trying to make a list of schools in the area and make is so that someone can find the easiest ways between multiple schools. How do I set this up so that a parent and/or teacher can go to the website and click on a school name/address and have it populate in the map? Also with a feature like this will they also have the ability to type? I saw you allude to this feature where you state “In some applications, you will not want the user to be typing in addresses himself”. Where do I add this roundtrip file/form and how do I link it into the main htm site?

    Thank You,

  69. Karthik

    Hi Geir,
    Fabulous tool. I hope somebody tweaks this to create flight iteneraries too!

  70. BIOatHome

    Hi Geir,
    Congratulations for your optimization, we find it very interesting and we\’d use it to optimize our delivery routes.
    We are a young company in the organic food. Saving carbon is important to us. However, we would put in 60 and 80 addresses in the route optimization, can we do. We are ready to have a professional license for it.
    Thank you for your reply.

  71. James

    Nice implementation. Is it possible to introduce a simple direct route option which does not look up or use directions. This would be useful in the desert, at sea or in the air.



  72. cristian

    Hi Geir,
    Im doing an aplication for a client, he ask me to add profiles from a company, each user has a checkin time and a checkout, also address attached, according to this, i need to plan itinerary for 6 people by cab, and with a restriction: a user can not be in the cab for more then 1 hour and a half.

    i would like to contact you so we can talk about the development of this app.

    so taxies will be waiting outside office, and will have the list of people in their hands.

    my skype is cbetteley

  73. Cliff Hammock

    I have a prospective client that would like a software system to map out a tour of cities similar to what you are doing. Do you have this integrated with Bing maps, as part of an existing solution is built on Bing. Thanks so much.

  74. Alex

    Hi Geir,

    I like the possibility of passing nodes to your page using the query very much.
    But I’m facing some problems when I pass some addresses instead of latitude and longitude.
    It throws messages saying the the node could not be found, though google maps identifies them without any problem.

    The workaround I did was to only use latitude and longitude. But now I have a route titled with waypoints called i.e. 22.22222,33.33333 which is quite ugly because it’s not obvious to the human reader where you are.

    So here comes the feature wish. Can you please add some query-parameter like text0 .. text24 where you can pass a description which will be displayed instead of the latitude and longitude?

    This should be rather easy to do and will make a huge step forward to a better usage.

    Thank you very much for your consideration

    sincerely yours,

  75. Peter Ham

    Just like the other commemorators, I really like this application! I’m still exploring it. It’s the best one like it that I have found so far. Features that interest me (I know that there are many more possible features than one could practically implement):
    – export to GARMIN
    – more stops
    – TSPTW with service times, in local real estate markets, sunday is “open house” day and the houses are open at slightly different times and you might estimate to spend a different amount of time at each different house based on how much you expect to like it and if it’s in your price range or if you ar just curious

  76. Brian

    Awesome tool, thank you!! We use this for my business to plan pickup/dropoff of client orders.

    – I would like to enter two things… starting time and a delay time (or service time as requested above), then the output can show when the driver will be at each location.. we would use 15 minutes as the service time. Starting time can be a simple drop-down box on the hour or half hour. service time can be a drop down as well.
    – a checkbox to toggle the turn-by-turn directions, or a link to show everything at google maps.
    – Would love to hand our drivers a list of the entered, optimized addresses and the time expected at each one.


  77. Gonen

    WOW – wonderful.
    I have list of points, A-Z. Can someone suggest how to use this tool or other tool to get the \”best\” points order, starting in A ending in Z that will let me visit all the points in the shortest/quickest way ?

    In other words, which is the correct order I need to visit all the points in minimal time.

    Many thanks !!!

  78. Gonen

    Sorry about previous post. I missed something.

    This wonderfull application actually is doing this.

    Is there a way to get the suggested Points order via http request ? I wish to use it in Excel VBA – means – provide list of points and get the correct order

    Thanks again !!!!

  79. Gonen

    Played some more.

    Actually, my request is to provide A,B,C,D points, and to get A,C,B,D as response – means that this wonderfull tool switched B and C.

    the “Toggle raw path output” option – displays the optimized points order.

    Is there anyway I can extract this “new order” information via http request ?

    Thanks !!!

  80. Gonen

    When I run this request:

    I get “Failed to Geocode: ……..”

    When I rerun it – I get same error on different point.

    After few trials – it works fine.

    Can someone suggest if I need to customize my IE8 or any other parameter is required ?

    Thanks !!!

  81. LUCAS

    Hello. Great work on this tool! I have an issue when running web querys to the Optimap web with addresses as (Lat, Long) points. The program does not respect my strat location (even in A-Z trip mode). This is an example:
    The route should start at “Sevilla Espana” but starts at 36.9419461529427,-4.80269351252898) instead.

    Thanks in advance an keep on the good work.


  82. PcGnus

    Assume Tool. Do you have an idea when V3 will be completed? does V3 have the 8 limit or will it still do the 23 limit? thanks again for this great tool.

  83. Petr

    Does not work properly for me:


    Trip duration: 6 hrs 8 min
    Trip length: 382 km # NONSENSE

    raw path output (NONSENSE)
    (50.431912, 15.371937)
    (50.019724, 14.496685)
    (50.032069, 14.490996)
    (50.061495, 14.37478)
    (50.019784, 14.495552)
    (50.107295, 14.506302)
    (50.005106, 14.655125)
    (50.431912, 15.371937)
    (50.020369, 14.494552)
    (50.080045, 14.481734)

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    I have been looking for something like this because It was requested by a client and for me personally. I suck at directions generally, more so, when I have to go to multiple destinations.

    This is just great for me and I can refer my client to this page as well.


  85. Dr. Laurito

    I have a medical clinic with marketing reps who need to visit multiple accounts per day, in the shortest route possible. I am looking to integrate this into Microsoft Dynamics CRM online version 2011. Would you be able to direct me on how to accomplish this with a simple api? I am not skilled in coding and having issues trying to gain map routing capabilities.

  86. Abdel

    great tool !! i am looking for same thing like this ! but in my case , I just want to get result ( path root ) and no map on the screen ! in order to use this tools for many sellers with different areas and assign calendar for each one ! how can i do to use this tool like a function :
    Array_result = geb_optimap( array_of_parameters) .
    Many thinks for your help !

  87. Jame Russell

    Wow …this is amazing.

    I would like to use the Tool automatically from JDE One World where I have the routes to be run.
    By selecting the route I can build the http string and the user can then optimize the route.
    Problem is I need more than 20 stops and would like to be able to add the Name of the stop.

  88. DaveMac

    This is absolutely awesome, although i have an issue with IE6.
    It works like a dream in Chrome, however the same URL in IE6 will not work.

    It just presents a blank form.


  89. Pcgnus

    Is there a way to show the city and state in the popup object when the map errors out. I have been having issues with city state typos from my customers. When I send to your map sometimes a city state combo will error out. the only way I can find which one is error out is to go through all of the combos manually with google maps. Sometimes this is like 10 or 20 combos before I find the one causing the issue.

    Is it possible to pop the city state combo that caused the error in the popup error below

    “Request failed: A directions request could not be processed due to a server error. The request may succeed if you try again”

    1. geir Post author

      If there is a customer typo, I’d expect the geocoding to fail before reaching the error message you posted. There should be something like “Failed to geocode address: d35gsw3. Reason: No result was found for this GeocoderRequest.”

      If that is not the case, maybe you can send me one of the failing combos?

  90. Bill

    Is this software open source? If so where can the source code be found? If not cool.. nice work.

  91. Bill

    Thanks geir. hey I’m looking for the index.php file is that considered the GUI part? I’m a map geek and love playing with this stuff. again nice job on this, by far the best that I have seen.

  92. Bill

    I guess what I was looking for is how you pars the data in a url string witht he index.php file like this.


  93. Francesco

    I would like to know if there is a way to load on your web site a text string to insert 10 directly addresses, in no particular order, and give the command “Calculate Fastest Roundtrip”.
    Mode: “http://gebweb.net/optimap/index.php?&loc0…&loc1 …” does not suit me.


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  95. David

    Thank you very much for this!

    I noticed that the source code for the solver is under the MIT license.

    May I ask what license exists for the images/html for the site itself? ie the marker images and the page source html that interacts with the javascript.

    Thank you

  96. Cesar

    Weird path when I bulk add this:

    (24.81499, -107.43061)
    (24.78381, -107.36601000000002)
    (24.78842, -107.36599000000001)
    (24.79247, -107.36475000000002)
    (24.79296, -107.36007000000001)
    (24.79369, -107.36149999999998)
    (24.79721, -107.36553000000004)
    (24.79617, -107.36257)
    (24.79559, -107.36029000000002)
    (24.795, -107.36020000000002)
    (24.79456, -107.35856000000001)
    (24.79252, -107.35870999999997)
    (24.79117, -107.35962)
    (24.78922, -107.35771999999997)
    (24.78879, -107.36102)
    (24.78953, -107.36482000000001)
    (24.7901, -107.36464999999998)
    (24.79095, -107.36304999999999)
    (24.78784, -107.36374)
    (24.78612, -107.36423000000002)
    (24.78502, -107.36315000000002)
    (24.78426, -107.36374)
    (24.78565, -107.36216000000002)
    (24.78623, -107.36126999999999)
    (24.78668, -107.36004000000003)
    (24.78643, -107.35759000000002)
    (24.78506, -107.35755)
    (24.78306, -107.35843999999997)
    (24.78394, -107.36034000000001)
    (24.7838, -107.36169000000001)
    (24.78171, -107.36318)
    (24.78076, -107.36243000000002)
    (24.7813, -107.3612)
    (24.78156, -107.36023999999998)
    (24.77923, -107.36442)
    (24.80187, -107.36860999999999)
    (24.81499, -107.43061)

  97. Alberto

    Good morning,
    please help me, I want implement your form in my website, I use HTML and I don’t know PHP, your HTML example is too simple, I need hidden some input field typical Loc0 and Loc3, Start(0) and end(3) is the same location. With HTML’s form can I use a drop-down menu for Loc1? A good idea, creating in http://gebweb.net, simple web pages as an example of integration in own website . Thank you Alberto

  98. Oyito


    There seems to be a problem because it does not draw the route on the map!

    I hope you can fix it soon
    A greeting

  99. Mike

    I am trying to use this script in an app Tasker on my phone. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me what to name the array/list of locations that I want the script to use. And also what format it’s expecting would also be very helpful. I am not very savvy with java.

    In the mean time I use the website from my phone which does just fine. Thank you for this, and thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out with the above.

  100. Bob

    I am looking for a way to use a VBA script with a list of locations to open Optimap which then returns the result in a xml showing locations in fastest order. Is this possible?

  101. Ram

    Hi Geir
    This is a nice tool. But i wonder if you can share the source code for the GUI also ? Is there any price for the GUI ?


  102. Irfan

    Hi Geir,
    is there a way to export and import routes for later changes and records, or at least routes can be saved to local computer.

  103. CASS CLAY

    Hi there –
    The system is fantastic. We are currently importing a list of addresses/jobs into the system which gives us our optimised route for approx 40-50 addresses which our day’s work. However we then have to go through our job list and order each of these jobs from the route map…. is there a way of exporting the optimised route (with addresses) into an excel or CSV file?
    Any help / suggestions is appreciated so that we can avoid manually numbering our job lists each day.

  104. Geir

    Hi Cass, there is a way: After computing the route, go to the “Export” drawer and pick “Optimal numeric order”. Copy the numbers into a new column in the original Excel sheet. Then order the Excel sheet by that column. That will give you the original Excel sheet in the optimal order.

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  110. RoryWooldridge

    How can I add a stop (end location) right before the optimization is completed?
    right at the last second before it creates and displays a route I want to add one more (programitically) location (lat, lng) and have it be the stop (end location after the original end location)….

    Please, help…

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  114. James Muccioli

    The map is not displaying today when I opened the web page. Is there a fix to this or is the web site down?

  115. Marc Ghossein

    are you not planning of developing a server side version?? I’m very interested in the topic plz let me now if you can help

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    The tool you have created is excellent. Is there any way I could have the code to install on my own web server without calling to geweb?


    Jerome Baker

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  123. Deep

    Great work guys. Say I have a limited number of source points (Manuf Locations) and a long list of customers. Is there a way to get an optimum solution which computes how i fulfill my demand with the shortest possible route time and which plant manufactures how much? thanks.

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  127. Michael

    Nice work…I wish there was a way to use the geocode feature without calculating a route. At the moment it appears one has to run the route calculator (which takes a while for larger lists) before the export will work.

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  130. kevin

    Hello, this is really helpful in locating the fastest route but may i ask if there is anyway to implement this in the excel web browser as i cannot seem to display it even though the same link can display properly in the normal web page. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

  131. Kenneth Green

    Is there any way to save a route after I have finished it. Just in case I want to come back later, maybe I lost the print out?

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  138. David

    Currently using your system as a routing solution, but I have a question about API usage limits. Once you load the Javascript API on page load, does it reload every time you add an address, alter a route, or actually create a route? Or does this simply manipulate the existing map? I’m looking at Javascript API usage hits to decide on an appropriate capacity, and if each change to the route or address add counts as an additional map view then I need to reconsider the limit.

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  143. Thomas

    Hi Geir,

    This is superb, well done on getting it up and running!
    Tell me, would this work in conjunction with an SQL databases which contains pre-loaded destinations with lat/long coordinates? Would be using Php commands to access info etc.

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