What I Did Last Summer

By   September 12, 2009

Geir Jumps!

Photo by Mick Mason www.mickmasonphotography.com / ParkourGenerations

To make a long story short. My brother and I participated in a 6-day intensive training parkour camp in the French Alps from June 21 – 28. Each day started with a short run and plenty of push-ups at 5:50 am. Then breakfast, exercise, lunch, exercise and dinner (and one day we also did a night session). I was tired at the end of that camp. I mean really tired. Imagine all your muscles aching, even muscles you did not know existed…

Parkour Generations recently published a gallery showing the Morzine experience. By the way, we also did white-water rafting, the food was excellent, the instructors were extremely skilled and the spirit of the 24 participants was incredible! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to train hard and have a vacation they will not soon forget!