OptiMap for Google Maps v3 released

By   June 3, 2011

Manhattan with 100 destinations

After being “almost ready” for way too long, the next version of OptiMap, based on Google Maps API version 3, is now launched. While I have tested most aspects of the application, there are most likely bugs, since the update touched almost all areas of the code. There are some improvements too, however:

  • More robust address lookups (a lot of people experienced a “failed to geocode” error when entering many addresses. This was due to too many requests in a short period of time, and a queue-system has been added to avoid this from happening. The lookups may take slightly longer due to this.
  • Progress indicator for directions lookups. Because version 3 of the Google Maps API only allows 10 waypoints in a single request (down from 25 in the previous version), this part is now a bit slower, so a progress indicator is needed.
  • Tuning of the solver code based on faster browsers becoming more common. This should improve the quality of the solutions for cases with more than 15 locations.

Please help me solve any bugs that you may encounter by posting a comment on this site. Information that will be helpful when locating the bug includes:

  • Browser (with version if possible)
  • List of addresses or locations and a description of how to reproduce the bug
  • The output that you see (error message, why you think the solution is wrong etc.)

86 Comments on “OptiMap for Google Maps v3 released

  1. Keith Hayes

    I have Internet Explorer 8.06.001
    The points are no longer numbered as you put them on the list and you can’t click on a point to remove it, even though a pop up gives you the option. Yikes!

    P.S. I love your program and support it fully. Good work.

  2. Brett

    Love the app however the new version doesnt have the Add to TomTom button anymore, and the route’s path doesnt show up any more. I use this app every day for work and am lost without being able to use that TomTom button. Will it be back soon???

  3. Geir

    Glad you noticed. Will look into it (hopefully) this weekend.


  4. Geir

    @Brett, There is a button under “Computed Data” called “Send to TomTom”. What happens when you press it?

  5. Brett

    @Geir aha…found the bug…. I was using Google chrome web browser which had no tom tom button…. I tried Internet explorer and it showed up on that. I use chrome on the last version and the tomtom button worked on that.

  6. Brett

    tried firefox too… the tomtom button is working on that also….so it looks like chrome is the only browser that its not showing up on.

  7. Brett

    Just an FYI Geir, your app is a godsend… I do visual home inspections on about 40-80 homes a day. making sure vacant homes are free of vandalism, grass is cut, etc etc. and I’ve been using this app to get my route every day for work. Thanks for the help, I would lose a lot of time without it!

  8. Petr

    “TomTom HOME” does not exist for Linux.
    It can be useful to have an button to save the pure TomTom itinerary file directly to the disk (or to the TomTom device).

    BTW the new version of the SW works great now.



  9. Petr


    I am on Linux, I can not use TomTom Home. Because of that I am trying to use the “Toggle raw path output” to generate the TomTom itinerary file (using the clipboard and my own small application).

    I have discovered it is difficult to use the itinerary file in the TomTom device, because the raw path output contains coordinates only (not the names).

    Even if I generate the itinerary file using “Send to TomTom” button (using the TomTom Home on Windows), the itn file contains the coordinates only. Way point names are missing.

    Is it possible to add the names to the raw path output?

    Maybe the best way is to have an option (button) to generate the raw .itn file and save it to the local disk.

    Thanks and best regards


  10. Geir

    Hi Petr,

    I have added a direct link to the .itn file from the page with the ‘tomtom home’ button. I also fixed a bug so that the name0=x&name1=xx labels will appear in the itinerary file.


  11. Bobd

    The points are no longer numbered as you put them on the list and you can’t click on a point to remove it, even though a pop up gives you the option. I am using IE 9. Please help me add the location numbers. Thanks! Great program.

  12. Geir

    @Bobd and Keith
    I have now fixed the issue with numbering of the locations (also, notice the new icons… I changed them since the old series of icons only went to 25 :-). You can now click on a marker and remove it, set it as the starting location or set it as the ending location.

    Hope this helps.

    PS. Make sure to use your browser’s refresh button to get the newest version loaded. You can force a full refresh by clicking the refresh button while holding SHIFT.

  13. Geir


    I have removed the 24 locations limit. New limit is 100, but your browser may run out of memory before you hit that number. I was able to compute a path with 80 destinations, but your mileage may vary.

    Hope this helps.

    PS. Make sure to use your browser’s refresh button to get the newest version loaded. You can force a full refresh by clicking the refresh button while holding SHIFT.

  14. Jsp

    Hello Geir,

    Optimap is really wonderful, thank you so much for your work. Just a question: will you update the SVN repository at Google Code with this new version ? I’m always very interested in knowing what happens behind the scene 🙂

  15. Stanislav

    Thanks for fixing numbers and for more than 24 locations

  16. Gonen

    Just reminding you about our emailing to add a new option in addition to Roundtrip and A-Z

    The new options is A-? and it is very useful for tourists !! Just to explain for the listeners – When a tourist comes to NYC for example. He leaves his hotel, and he’s got xx POIs to visit on his list.
    At the end of the day, he will take a cab back to his hotel, so actually he does not care which POI will be the last POI.

    Another idea is to help finding the POI order difference between the original POIs list and the Optimized.

    I may suggest to display at the end of the optimization process two “text boxes” – one text box with the original POIs coordinates list, and beside it – a second text box with the Optimized coordinates list.

    Please make it text… so we can copy it into clipboard…

    Thanks for a GREAT site…

    p.s. why not add a version number to the webpage… I have no idea if I use the most current version….


  17. Petr

    Hi Geir,
    I trying to use your page to generate TomTom itinerary. It looks VERY promising.

    After few days of testing I have discovered the option to set clockwise/counterclockwise (forward/backward) direction to generate fastest roundtrip itinerary can be very helpful.



  18. Vinícius

    Hello Geir. First, congratulations for the application. After read a lot of post, comments and quickly looking the source code i have had some questions.

    1. Is Optimap independent from Google directions webservice?

    2. Is it necessary use a Google “premium key” to allow Optimap solve a large numbers of points? Realy i didn’t deepened your source code, but i understand that Google directions webservice is limited to 8 points (23 on premium key).

    3. Considereing 30 points marked on the map for example. How many request are necessary to Google to make solve a route.

    I’m worried about the limits and terms of policy of Google. Please, can you give me these informations?

    Very thank you and sorry about my english. I’m a novice on english.

  19. Vinícius

    Geir, one more question please. Can you updated de SVN folder with source? I’m very interessing about it.

    Geir, please let me ask you something. Can you update the SVN folder? I’m very interested to see the source code update.

    Thank you so much.

  20. Geir

    I have now updated the svn repository with the new code (and the example usage instructions on Google code).


  21. Jsp

    Thank you Geir, I realized how stupid was my request, OptiMap is entirely written in Javascript, the source code is always available…

    Another question: I’m trying to understand how the dynamic programming solver (tspDynamic) works. Can you point me to any documentation (paper, …) on the subject?

  22. Lisa

    Please include link to send to Google Maps app on Droid!

  23. MARC scharf

    830pm mon, 6/20/11

    hi, i have enjoyed using this before;
    with today’s list of 6 or so addresses, (only a small change from a previous list), your site ran & ran, and never did find a route!?

    (competing site “findthebestroute” did it fine in only seconds)

    here’s my list; what happened?

    5500 MANSFIELD rd, 76017

    2206 green stone dr 76001

    910 hampton ln, 76017

    5805 crepe myrtle dr, 76017

    4508 old london ln, 76017

    5417 hunter park ct, 76017

    4809 ridgeline dr, 76017

  24. Robert Slaven

    For trying to use lots (>24) of locations, is browser memory the critical limiting factor? If so, what’s the best way to expand it?

    (I want to try it for more locations, but I’m not as up on browsers and memory and Javascript as I’d like to be sure of what I should do.)

  25. Robert Slaven

    In addition, is the error message “Request failed: No route could be found between the origin and destination.” related to memory issues, or could it be something else?

  26. Nicolas

    I work within the bounds of internet controls. What websites need to be unblocked for OptiMap to work?

  27. Geir

    Nicolas, you should only need to unblock *.google.com and gebweb.net. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

  28. Nicolas

    After unblocking those websites, the map loaded on the screen instead of just remaining blank. After inputing the addresses a message from the webpage tells me that there was a problem contacting the google servers. This was followed by another message saying that there was a failure geocoding the address. I had unblocked these very sites when the older version of Optimap was still in use, and everything worked until the launch of the latest version.

  29. bypass complications

    This is an interesting topic Gebweb. Thanks for posting it out. The queuing of address searches is a good addition to avoid search errors. Google Maps is great. having an optimizer for it makes it better.

  30. Jeff C

    Once you plot out a route, is there anyway to email it to yourself?

  31. Jim Mac

    Awesome tool. I’m wondering if you can import addresses from say an excel or txt file?

  32. antoin b

    Can you export the file generated to Gogle Maps?

    Very good application!

  33. Tracy

    This is a great program. I work with logistics of a music festival and I am desperately trying to figure out a way to plot venue locations on a map that I can include in the festival brochure. Is there a way to export the maps I create using your application?

  34. Keith Hayes

    I’m having problems trying to remove a point. The window opens up, after clicking on the location, that says you can remove the destination but the feature isn’t working for me anymore. Has something changed involving my browser or is it the program? This site is just wonderful and has made my life much easier, but not being able to remove points that aren’t needed causes so many problems. Thanks-

  35. Michelle

    This program is fantabulous! It really helps us out! It would be great if there was an email button though…

    For our situation, My boss uses his Android as his GPS, so the tomtom export doesn’t work. I “printscreen” and save the map as a JPG, then I copy and paste the HTML listed addresses in an email, THEN I remove the directions (since he’s using his talking GPS as he’s driving he doesn’t want to read it)

    Is there any way we can get an option to email the list of addresses (also the option of emailing without directions too) is possible? Maybe even a snapshot of the map??

    Thanks so much for your hard work, cool program, and for sharing!!!

  36. Geir

    @Jim: I have not added any functionality to directly add addresses from a spreadsheet. Allowing users to upload files causes too many security problems. The best way to go about this is to copy (CTRL-C) the area of the spreadsheet which has the addresses. Then click on the “bulk add by address” link in optimap and paste the addresses there. There should be one address per line for this to work.

  37. Geir

    @antoin b: I have added a link now called “view in google maps” under the section “computed data”. Clicking it will open the computed route in the regular google maps application.

  38. Geir

    @Michelle: I don’t want the application to be able to send emails, since that opens some security issues. I just added a feature to view the computed solution in the regular Google Maps application. Click “View route in Google Maps” in the “Computed data” section. This should bring up the best order roundtrip in google maps. From there, you can either email or copy the link (use one of the top-right buttons). If you open the email or link on the android, it will ask you what application to use when opening the map, and if you select “Maps”, then it should open the android’s maps application, where GPS driving directions should be available.

    Let me know if this works,


  39. Pcgnus

    Was wondering if you could make the map any bigger on your page.
    Currently I am sending a http request using loc(num) query string. Works great, but my drivers are prodding me about the small size of the map. we typically have 20-30 locations per route weekly. The routes begin in middle of USA and travel to every corner of the continental US. When a driver pops the map, the map can only show maybe 6 locations at a time, which leads the driver to do a lot of zooming in, zooming out and dragging the map left and right to view all of their stops.

    Is there a way for you to add maybe a map size query string that scales the map to a size more appropriate to our needs?

    FYI great app, I have tested pretty hard and found it catches and fixes a lot of bad city state combinations that the previous version did not.

    thanks again for your great app.

  40. W

    Geir, the start and end point in AtoZ solver are ‘fixed’, would it be hard to modify the solver so it would include these points when reordering for the best route? Or at least “unfix” the end point?

  41. Jason

    First of all, Well done. Too many want want and don’t give the tahnks that is due. Thank you! Now I’ll ask for my wants 🙂 1) a way to pass addresses from a form to optimap (api of some sort) and 2) a way to bulk upload csv, text or excel spread sheet, with formating examples or templates. Thanks

  42. Geir

    Hi Jason,

    1) You can use an html form to pass addresses to OptiMap as described here: http://gebweb.net/blogpost/2007/08/26/optimize-your-trips/
    I have also created an example page at: http://gebweb.net/optimap/form.html (you are welcome to use the source of that page as a starting point for something more advanced).

    2) To bulk upload, the preferred way is to paste text into the “Bulk add by address or (lat, lng)” textbox in OptiMap. The format is extremely simple: One address per line with nothing else.


  43. Petr

    Hi Geir,
    we are using you app every day, thanks. It works great!!!!

    Please let me know where to send our donation.

    BTW the button to switch the direction of the points (when the round trip is selected) will be usefull.

    Sometimes it is OK to go “clockwise” sometimes it is better to go opposite direction (“counterclockwise”).

    Regards and thanks for the great work.


  44. Pcgnus

    Is it possible to add

    Total Miles below total Kilometers?

    Also thanks again we are using this every week.

  45. Dave N

    This is a brilliant site and I can’t understand why Google haven’t offered you a stack of money to include it on their own service.

    I use if from my computer, but I can’t seem to use if from my Safari browser on my iPhone. All I can see is the banner and part of the map. As such, any attempt to scroll the page or reduce the scale only affects the image in the map window, not the whole page. So, I can never get down to the box to add a location or click on the buttons.

    Can you guide me on how to get over this problem?

    Of course, once that problem is resolved, I’d love to be able to send the points directly into my TomTom app on the iPhone, by creating hyperlinks of the format:
    tomtomhome:geo:action=show&lat=50.000000&long=-5.000000&name=Point 1 (this is the format TT uses to email routes to another user) Simply clicking on the hyperlink in an email opens the TT app and brings up the map showing the point


  46. abdularif

    please send the code with html tag integreted. i need to optimize the route

  47. David

    There seems to be an input validation problem when sending the route to Google Maps (via the “view in google maps” link). In particular destinations which contain apostrophes (single quotes) are not being escaped, which ends up ending the string prematurely in the google maps interface.

    I suspect this could be leveraged for a cross site scripting vulnerability.

  48. patricktuk

    i’m using gsak with this macro but i can’t use more than 24 wp’s.
    is there an new macro to do more than 24 wp’s and were can i download it?

    thanks for the good work.

  49. A.D.

    Any way to make it direction aware?
    For example, in a route with A, B, C, D, I must visit pairs of them in a certain order. So A->B is required, C->B is useless.

  50. Douglas

    Thanks for taking the time to make such an app available to us. Would it be possible to add a feature to execute the route in the order given by the coordinate list?

    Thanks again

  51. jonm

    Nice service. It would be more valuable to me if it retained Google’s full range of mode options (i.e. transit & bike as well as car)

  52. Abdel

    I installed scripts and that works very well !! thanks to Geir for this tool .
    but what was my frustration when I saw js scripting !! I am not expert on this language !! I am php’s programmer and my need is just calculating optimal trip and storing it to database .
    I have address stored in Mysql Database and i wand to store the optimal distance and route in result table . No map , No display .
    I think is out of scope for me , because ,is difficult to lunch js script on background mode !! But if someone has experience this , I am very interested by the solution .

    Thanks for your help

  53. Mark

    Hej Geir:

    You’re a f…ing genius! Your app saves me so many headaches (i.e. 80+ stopovers on a single trip) it’s unreal !!

    Here’s how I exploit your creation (hh):

    I go to optiroute, open “Bulk by address”, then type all the postal codes I need to get to (4 digits + 2 letters in Holland). Luckily Google Maps recognises these as a valid address.

    So I make my list, including my starting point as first and last entry; add them to get the points on the map; then use “Calculate Fastest A-Z trip”. Already better than butter…

    But the beauty is what follows :

    I then click “Send to TomTom” and save the .ITN file. I do this on my mobile phone btw.

    Then I send the .ITN file to my TomTom via BlueTooth and voilà! I have an optimised itinerary with hardly typing. It doesn’t get me to the door, but close enough that I can find my destination address on my own (in the neighbourhood).

    So: “Tusen takk til deg vennen!”

    Mark from Amsterdam

  54. Mark

    Me again.

    After using the method described above daily (since my first post), I found that a few Dutch-formatted postal codes (4 numbers + 2 letters) also exist in other countries, which confuses the API.

    So to avoid getting an itinerary that looks like:

    “Go 2 km, turn left, go to Poland, come back through Romania then make a right at the roundabout”… (hh)

    Add “,” right afterwards (ie. “2331CT,Holland”).

    It should work for most countries (?), but Geir can tell you for which countries this would work. If in doubt, test it yourself in Google Maps.

    I especially like the feature that *validates* the postal codes!
    Just like a spell-check (gone postal!). :)~

    On the other had, it’s too bad that the G.M. engine doesn’t work with this notation =plus= house numbers, but it’s close enough.

    Anyway, thanks again G. for the most useful app I’ve seen in years! No app (Android, iPhone or otherwise) comes close to OptiMap. And for *free* to boot !

    Hej då. 😉

    Mark T.

  55. Mark

    Oops! Typing error above.

    Line should read :

    Add “,” right afterwards (ie. “2331CT,Holland”).

    You can substitute the comma for a space; or add a space after the comma if you like, but the more creative you get with the syntax, the more confusion you may create for the engine.

    I like to keep my search keys as compact as possible.

    Mark T.

  56. Mark

    Ah HA!

    It wasn’t a typing error! This forum doesn’t like quotes and smaller/greater than signs in the text. (Geir?!?)

    Anyway, I’m sure you got my drift by now :

    postal code,country (no space) … and you’re good to go.

    Mark T.

  57. Russ Baker

    this comment help page was very helpful indeed. I also had issues with Google chrome browsing–part of the pop up tabs not visible at times, etc. Using IE fixed that and that adjustment has made it seamless. I really appreciate your work and use this daily. I run an exterminating route of 15 stops daily and have not cracked a map book open in months… just wanted to encourage and share positive experience–Thanks again


  58. KAIII

    Hi Geir,

    This map is fantastic! Just a quick question? I am using the map and find that it’s not showing my current location when the map started. (The map just shows the default location, which center the map to usa. I am using Firefox, the latest version) Is it a bug?


  59. Reid

    I seem to be having a problem sending to google maps. When I do so all the zip codes are attached to the road type and I have to manually go and put spaces in so google maps recognizes the address. For example: “1234 Main St 89139” shows up in google as “1234 Main St89139”

    Please advise and THANK YOU for such a fantastic tool!

  60. Wendy Nog

    Hello there!

    I’d like to hire you to build a calendar mash-up for me. Are you interested? I think you could do it pretty quickly. Let me know!

  61. geir Post author

    @Reid: I can’t replicate your problem here. I tried adding 1234 Main St 89139
    and a few random locations around it, then optimized the route and
    clicked on “View route in Google Maps”. The zip code was still ok in
    Google Maps.

  62. geir Post author

    @KAIII: It sometimes happens that the location of a user cannot be found. In
    that case, optimap defaults to showing a location in the USA.

  63. Michelle

    LOVE the update. The ‘remove address’ is sooooo incredibly helpful. I also like the ease of ‘start from here’. Well done. Love your program!!

  64. John

    I am trying to use OptiMap for the first time
    I have copied BpTspSolver.js and tsp.js into Visual Studio.
    I have started a new HTMLPage.htm page

    I am getting an error at line 516 of BpTspSolver.js that says Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object expected.

    Can some one explain what is causing the error and what I am doing wrong?
    Thanks, John

    var myMap = null;

    function Initialize() {
    // Google Maps
    var latlng = new google.maps.LatLng(43.77, -81.532);
    var myOptions = {
    zoom: 8,
    center: latlng,
    mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP
    //var googleMap = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById(“GoogleMap”), myOptions);
    myMap = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById(“myMap”), myOptions);
    directionsPanel = document.getElementById(“my_textual_div”);
    // Create the tsp object
    tsp = new BpTspSolver(myMap, directionsPanel);
    // Set your preferences
    // Add points (by coordinates, or by address).
    // The first point added is the starting location.
    // The last point added is the final destination (in the case of A – Z mode)
    //tsp.addWaypoint(latLng, addWaypointCallback); // Note: The callback is new for version 3, to ensure waypoints and addresses appear in the order they were added in.
    //tsp.addAddress(address, addAddressCallback);
    var latLng = new google.maps.LatLng(43.7731797489943, -81.5325691790892);
    tsp.addWaypoint(latLng, addWaypointCallback);
    //latLng = new google.maps.LatLng(43.5884811885534, -81.4533458149062);
    //tsp.addWaypoint(latLng, addWaypointCallback);
    //latLng = new google.maps.LatLng(43.7356307840322, -81.4297816622696);
    //tsp.addWaypoint(latLng, addWaypointCallback);
    //latLng = new google.maps.LatLng(43.5504882612952, -81.3956170560412);
    //tsp.addWaypoint(latLng, addWaypointCallback);
    // Solve the problem (start and end up at the first location)
    function addWaypointCallback() {
    function onSolveCallback() {


    Google Map goes here

  65. geir Post author

    Hi John,

    Thanks for letting me know about this. There is a function
    (onProgressCallback) which lets you notify the user of the progress of
    the computation (it can take a while if there are many waypoints). If
    that function is not defined, the error you saw occurs. I have
    submitted a fix for that problem, so if you download BpTspSolver.js
    from http://google-maps-tsp-solver.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/BpTspSolver.js
    again, the problem will go away.

    PS. To make the map show, you need to set width and height of the div
    with id myMap. To make routes and markers show, you need to do stuff
    in addWaypointCallback and onSolveCallback. See tsp.js for examples of
    how to do this.

  66. Kev Duff

    Hi Geir,

    Brilliant work, this will save me heaps of travel time.

    However, there’s a small bug in the export to tomtom when using the Bulk Add feature. If I copy/paste a list of addresses from Excel, like this

    1-10 Tara Cl,YENNORA, NSW, AU
    14 Taralga Street GUILDFORD, NSW, AU
    70 Osborne Road MARAYONG, NSW, AU
    44 Shedworth Street MARAYONG, NSW, AU
    8 Exeter Road Homebush, NSW, AU
    37 First Avenue Berala, NSW, AU

    then get it to solve the round trip, the resulting tomtom itinerary file has the fourth flag field on a second line by itself:

    15096658|-3386779|1-10 Tara Cl,YENNORA, NSW, AU
    15098794|-3386335|14 Taralga Street GUILDFORD, NSW, AU
    15103648|-3387665|37 First Avenue Berala, NSW, AU
    15106922|-3386706|8 Exeter Road Homebush, NSW, AU
    15089129|-3375173|70 Osborne Road MARAYONG, NSW, AU
    15089554|-3374481|44 Shedworth Street MARAYONG, NSW, AU
    15096658|-3386779|1-10 Tara Cl,YENNORA, NSW, AU

    This results in extra useless waypoints being generated in the TomTom (mine is a TomTomXL). Doesn’t matter whether you go direct to TomTom via the button, or download the itinerary file – the result is the same.

    If the addresses are entered one at a time, the itinerary file format is correct (i.e. one line per entry).

    I am using Internet Explorer 8 in these tests.


  67. Kev Duff

    Just tested it in Seamonkey 2.5. It works correctly (i.e. no extra second line).

    And Google Chrome 16.0.912.63 m. Also works correctly. Using Windows XP SP2.

    Does that give any clues ?

    1. geir Post author


      It looks like the line feed at the end of the line from bulk add is forwarded into the TomTom itinerary in some browsers. I have updated the code to trim off any leading and trailing whitespace, which should fix the problem. I haven’t tested it myself, since I don’t have access to any windows computers. Let me know if it works now.

      You may have to force a full page reload by clicking reload while holding down shift to see the changes.

      Thanks for the detailed description of the problem!

  68. John

    I have downloaded the BpTspSolver.js and Tsp.js

    In Tsp.js in the function
    function createTomTomLink(gdir)

    I get an error at the line
    var itn = createTomTomItineraryItn(gdir, addr2, label2);

    the routine createTomTomItineraryItn is not found

    Am I missing a JavaScript function that was not included in the tsp.js example code? I downloaded TomTomHome to see if it was there but could not see anything.

    Thanks, John

    1. geir Post author

      John, you are missing the file gebweb.net/optimap/directions-export.js. It is included from index.php, and not part of tsp.js since it is only useful for applications that need to export to TomTom.

  69. Nathan

    whats the best tomtom for this site? does anyone have difficulities with memory on their tomtom?

  70. Alex

    Hi guys…

    I am trying to use OptiMap for the first time.
    I am having trouble inserting tsp solver in my site
    Could u help me?
    Is there a tutorial about how configure?

  71. Matthias Maugg

    Hi, on your website is the maximum number of locations “up to 100”.
    When I try to load 45 locations, all locations are correcly found.
    But the function “calaculate fastes roundtrip” makes no correct result. The route and the distance is nonsense.

    Can you help me?

  72. Reid

    “Reid Says:
    November 26th, 2011 at 12:44

    I seem to be having a problem sending to google maps. When I do so all the zip codes are attached to the road type and I have to manually go and put spaces in so google maps recognizes the address. For example: “1234 Main St 89139? shows up in google as “1234 Main St89139?

    Please advise and THANK YOU for such a fantastic tool!”

    It happens when I cut and paste from excel. Even if I paste into notepad then paste that into your site it still has the same problem. I have 2 fields in excel… Address and zip.

    Thanks! –Reid

  73. Giancarlo Galvagno

    Hello, I tried to use the JAvascript with the html sample postad from John, but I see only the map an not the point, nor the path…

  74. Martin

    Hy, what a great tool for holidaytrips. thank you!.
    What code is inside tomtom.php please?
    thanks! – Martin

  75. Leandro

    Good Day!

       I request the following possibility.
       One option to be marked BEFORE your route, only to set the connection points added without OPTIMIZE (REORDER) best paths.
       With this route would follow the exact sequence that the user has added the points on the screen.
       WHY IS THAT?
         Sometimes already used the site to order the points, but we want to play again the coordinates and make small adjustments.
       Sorry for the English, was translated by google.

    Bom Dia !

    Gostaria de solicitar a seguinte possibilidade.
    Uma opção para ser marcado ANTES de calcular a rota, para definir somente a ligação dos pontos adicionados sem OTIMIZAR (REORDENAR) os melhores caminhos.
    Com isso a rota iria seguir a exata sequencia que o usuário adicionou os pontos na tela.
    As vezes já utilizamos os site para ordenar os pontos, porém queremos novamente jogar as coordenadas e fazer pequenos ajustes.

    Desculpe pelo inglês, foi traduzido pelo google.

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