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Cars Rob You of Your Time

I claim that even if you don’t “believe” in global warming, you should ditch the car. I’ve reached this conclusion by calculating the effective speed of driving, vs. the effective speed of biking. This argument was initially made by Ivan Illich in the early 70’s, but I put in numbers for 2009 and my own… Continue reading »

Vekst eller miljø? Ditt valg!

Det er valgår. Partienes programmer finner du her: Arbeiderpartiet (64 siders pdf) Fremskrittspartiet (html) Høyre (65 siders pdf) Kristelig Folkeparti (105 siders pdf) Miljøpartiet De Grønne (27 siders pdf) Rødt (73 siders pdf) Senterpartiet (140 siders pdf) Sosialistisk Venstreparti (36 siders pdf) Venstre (104 siders pdf) Til sammen er dette mer enn 600 siders herlig… Continue reading »

Repair Your Old Mac Cheaply

The display of my almost three year old MacBook Pro went black a few weeks ago. I was unwilling to send my MacBook Pro to the landfill* just yet, so I started looking at repair opportunities. I did not buy the $349 3-year AppleCare support plan when I purchased the computer. The scary part is… Continue reading »