About me


My name is Geir Engdahl. I am a Norwegian guy born in ’83. Currently, I hold a master’s degree in applied mathematics. I’ve worked for Google as a software engineer for three years, and I’m currently working as an independent developer.

My interests range from running around and jumping over stuff (search for parkour to see what I’m talking about), to environmental and energy / resource scarcity issues, to science and computer science in particular. I’m passionate about math and computer science education, and I’m coaching the Norwegian team in the International Olympiad in Informatics.

To me, mathematics combined with the awesome power of the computer, is the ultimate tool. A sword that can cut through all kinds of problems where all else fails. Mathematics is the one discipline that will enhance your understanding of all others. To take one example of an unexpected application: Math can revolutionize advertising, making it more relevant to the user and more profitable to the advertiser. This is what I did while working for Google, developing the Conversion Optimizer for AdWords.

Bringing it all back together: I firmly believe that to prosper in the future, we need to think of resources differently. Eliminate waste. Optimize everything. Do more with less. This is the common theme in the projects I’m working on now. I also take on consulting and development projects for external clients. I thrive with projects that need mathematical optimization, world-class algorithms expertise and strong coding abilities. If it is an environmental project or involves maps, that’s even better. And if you want to change the world, I believe I can help.